About Us

Our founder, Gemma McKay, has a depth of knowledge about the cannabis plant that comes from her roots.

“I grew up in Jamaica, around a family and community that understood and made good use of cannabis’s potential as a healing plant.”

In this sense, Cannabina is a culmination of a lifetime’s knowledge, experience and interest in a much-misunderstood natural substance.

“It’s only relatively recently that CBD and cannabinoids have caught the public imagination, but the positive health properties of non-THC hemp have been a part of my upbringing. For me, being able to be involved in this feels totally logical and instinctive.”

Cannabina, provides a healing balm which has multiple uses.

“I’d run a mile if someone tried to sell me a miracle cure, but the reality is that as a major ingredient in our healing balm, hemp can treat a range of skin conditions, and offer pain relief.”

Skin and the Mind-body Connection

Along with its CBD properties, Cannabina Healing Balm contains cannabigerol, or CBG, a cannabinoid compound with a high therapeutic potential. 

“When you apply a CBD balm to specific areas of the skin, the lipids in the oil base can transport certain chemicals across the skin membrane, allowing the balm to act on cell and tissue layers.”

The skin is much more than our body’s outer covering. It is a highly sensitive organ, and the brain-skin link is a close one.

“If you want to see the mind-body connection in action, look at your skin. It’s the most noticeable part of the body when it comes to the impact of psychological factors. It’s very good reason why wellness should apply to your skin.”

Healing Properties

Gemma’s route to Cannabina has been very much a personal one, driven by both her own upbringing and issues she has had in her own life.

“I know that things can get tough, mentally, and also what it takes to find ways to heal yourself. Healing should be built in to how we live much more naturally, and CBD has so much to offer when it comes to both physical and psychological healing properties.”

Gemma wants her customers to be able to benefit from the knowledge and insight she has gained, and used, in her own life, starting with the multiple healing and soothing properties of Cannabina's Award Winning Healing Balm.