• Jamaican Sea Moss (Irish Moss) 300ml

Our Jamaican sea moss (known as Irish Moss on the island)  is 100% wild crafted. Ethically & Sustainably harvested, and sun dried in the Caribbean sun the nutritionally rich sea moss retains its mineral rich properties. Sea Moss famously contains 92 of the trace minerals that the human body requires to function properly. 

Once made into our gel, it is perfect and easy to use by the spoonful as a nutritional addition to smoothies, shakes, etc. 

Brought into the mainstream by the late Dr Sebi, it is clear to see why this incredible seaweed has been used for centuries for the following;

Sexual Health 

Sea Moss is known for increasing libido and energy and promotes healthy sexual function- Due to the generous amount of zinc and other minerals that are vital for reproductive function and health, sea moss is great for anyone who desires an increased sex drive.

Mental Wellbeing

Magnesium and potassium are trace minerals essential for brain function and they also act as mood boosters that can benefit those experiencing anxiety and depression. 

Bones and Joints

From omega-3 fatty acids and selenium to vitamin K, sea moss contains those and other elements essential for bone and joint health. 


Sea Moss is packed full of energising and necessary B Vitamins


Irish moss is plentiful in potassium iodide that dissolves phlegm, making it beneficial for those suffering with colds, allergies and asthma. It also contains amino acids, antioxidants, vitamin C, and natural antimicrobial and antiviral agents that are helpful in fighting infections.

 Mucus Membranes

Whether it’s in the lungs or the digestive tract, Sea moss helps sooth irritated mucous membranes. Stores of potassium iodide in the plant dissolve phlegm. Sea Moss also aids in minimising undesirable bacteria in the gut that can work to enhance the immune system.

Skin Conditions

Beneficial for alleviating symptoms associated with eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. The citrulline-arginine found in sea moss releases compounds that are essential for collagen production and the healing of burns.

Thyroid Function

Sea moss contains iodine that’s essential for manufacturing hormones used in the regulation of functions ranging from digestion and metabolism to mood.

Our 300ml jars of Sea Moss Gel are made fresh, so please allow 2 days for dispatch. 

Available with or without 1000mg CBD oil.

We recommend 1 tablespoon of gel per day, to benefit the most from this wonderful natural healer. 

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Jamaican Sea Moss (Irish Moss) 300ml

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